Daisy Chain DECT Repeaters


Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to run one DECT repeater off another dect repeater. The instruction manual refers to star mode which implies there are other modes such as daisy chain mode?

Base DP750 <--------> Repeater DP760 <---------> Repeater DP760 <------> Handset

I have a large orchard with tall trees and it is 1000m from one end to the other and looking at putting some solar powered repeaters along the way along the edge, but one base and one repeater will not be enough to reach the far end.


wrong product to use for that area.


no, the repeater has to directly connect to a DP750, it does not support this scenario.


Presumably the horizontal spacing distance in the Deployment Guide is a typo, and is more likely intended to be 25m?

“…base stations must be spaced out at intervals of approximately 2.5m
horizontally when deploying multiple bases and an ideal height between 2m and 2.5m.”

Unless maybe 2.5m is the minimum distance, I guess…?