Custom ringtones DP752/DP730


can we upload custom ringtones to the handset from web gui ?


We don’t support directly upload a customized ringtone, but only able to upload to DP750/DP752 via provisioning, you just need put the ring file under your Firmware Upgrade Server path (same place as your firmware dp75xfwdev.xbin file), then reboot your device, it will try to download it into the device.
A valid ring tone file needs to meet the below requirement:

  1. Named as ring1.bin the 1 can be changed to 2-10.
  2. File size is less than 128KB
  3. The format need be converted by Grandstream Custom Ringtone Generator, which you can find at:

After DP750/DP752 downloaded the ringtone, login it’s web UI, under DECT -> Handset X settings, you will find the customized ringtone is now selectable in the options, choose it, and go to handset to set to use custom ringtone, done!