Custom Ringtone format




I am trying to upload a custom ringtone when people press the call button on the GDS3702

Manual says:
600K max file in a WAV format

But the UI limits to 60K

And the Ringtone Generator creates OGG files.

In any case, whatever I upload is not working.


To which device is the ring tone going to be used?

The ring tone is typically that which is heard at the callee end to know there is an incoming call. Ring back is that tone which is heard at the caller end so that they know that the call is ringing at the far end.

So, given the description you provided, it seems that you may be trying to load the file to the wrong device.

I am guessing that the manual has a typo and the limit is 60K rather rather than 600K,




Ok, It has to be a BIN file, DAH

I didnt realized that this was a button. To be frank, I don’t see why people would ever thing its a dropdown menu…