Custom Prompt Files..IVR, VM Group, Queue...etc on UCM 62xx


How does one delete custom files loaded onto a 6208? Thank you.


The thread title tends to indicate custom prompts, but the post itself indicates custom files, so am uncertain as to the specific type of “custom” meant. If prompt files:


Sorry for any confusion. I’ve recorded a few audio .wav files for a customer and loaded them into an IVR prompt location. There are delete icons for every “extension” type… Why can’t I find a delete option for what audio files i’ve uploaded?


I think if you will look in the location shown on my screenshot, you will find what you seek.


I thank you very much. I did not see that screen shot the first go round.

On another note. I did not see “DTMF” as an option for IVR “Key Pressing Events”. How would I set up for checking a mailbox/Group mailbox (*98/*99) say, After Hours once I hit the IVR on the inbound call?


Create a dummy extension and forward the key press if using 0-# to the dummy extension or dial the dummy extension directly at the IVR. In the dummy extension settings, set up unconditional call forwarding using a custom number and input *98XXXX where XXXX is the extension number.