Custom configuration for an old person


Hi all,
My mom has a GXP1625 installed at home, with 2 lines. All the 8 MPK keys are assigned to “Speed dial, Account 1” and she receives all her calls on Account 2. She only needs to answer or to call one of her 8 contacts, via a MPK. Nothing more.
BUT… When someone calls her (Account 2), sometimes my mom just hangs up, but sometimes my mom hangs up and presses one MPK (Account 1), or simply presses one MPK (Account 1).
Because she is old, I can’t just explain that she can’t do that. So I need a tip:
** How can I disable a MPK key if (and only if) she receives a call on the other account ? Or perhaps another solution?
Thank you for your help.


She’s pressing these by accident or confusion?


By confusion. Sometimes she just press the MPK corresponding to the person who is calling her.


So, she sees the caller ID showing Jane Doe (XXX) 555-1212 and, instead of pressing answer, she presses the MPK for Jane Doe?


I’m sure I’m asking questions that are already obvious to most. Just trying to ensure I really understand the situation.


Yes, it’s that. Or not just instead, but sometimes she answers the call of Jane Doe calling and she press the MPK of Jane Doe at the same time. It’s that case that I want to solve: disabling the MPKs while she is answering.


Unfortunately, there is no way to alter the behavior of the MPK keys, other than to change their function. The phone is not able to ascertain the conditions by which your mom’s interaction with same should be acted upon or ignored. Both on-hook and off-hook dialing are supported and the fact that an incoming call has yet to be answered does not alter the key’s function.

You mentioned she has two lines, but them reference accounts and indicate that she only should have calls on account two. Why two accounts and what is account 1 for? What is the phone connected to?


Thank you very much for your quick answer, that explain perfectly this matter.
Just to add a last point, sometimes when my mom receives a call there is no sound (it’s another problem). So because it’s “out of her script”, she is confused and so, press the MPK corresponding to the person who is calling, thinking that she could listen the person.
To answer to your question, my mom has the Account 1 (company OVH) to make cheap calls to landlines and to give her a local number in France. The Account 2 (company Zadarma) is to make cheap calls to cellphones and to give her a local number in Peru where she lives.
Thank you again for your answer.


Well, I was hoping for something different, but it seems that there isn’t a good solution. Its great that you tried to make it easier for her, but unfortunately as we get older technology sometimes gets in the way.