CTI inbound call


i use this link for my request to telephone.

I receive this string:
{ “response”: “success”, “body”: [ { “line”: 1, “state”: “idle”, “acct”: 0, “active”: 0, “remotename”: “”, “remotenumber”: “” }, { “line”: 2, “state”: “idle”, “acct”: 0, “active”: 0, “remotename”: “”, “remotenumber”: “” }, { “line”: 3, “state”: “idle”, “acct”: 0, “active”: 0, “remotename”: “”, “remotenumber”: “” }, { “line”: 4, “state”: “idle”, “acct”: 0, “active”: 0, “remotename”: “”, “remotenumber”: “” }, { “line”: 5, “state”: “idle”, “acct”: 0, “active”: 0, “remotename”: “”, “remotenumber”: “” }, { “line”: 6, “state”: “idle”, “acct”: 0, “active”: 0, “remotename”: “”, “remotenumber”: “” } ] }

During a call i don’t see the number of the caller. Why? On my GXP2160 display everything is ok.

Thank you.


Not to revive an old topic, but I’m having exactly the same problem. Has anyone determined why remotenumber / remotename is always blank? This feature is 100% of the reason that I purchased these phones !?!

This is on a GXP2170 with firmware



Two answers from HelpDesk GrandStream:

  1. Abdessamad @August 03, 2021 17:50
    Thank you for your reply, please note that we reported this internally and we will keep you updated.

  2. Abdessamad @October 29, 2021 17:12
    Please note that we sent a follow up to the dev team and if the fix is included in any upcoming release we will update you.

today, nothing new

Good evening. Andrea


Also with GXP2160 - Version


I would like to know if i can get remote number during a call (incoming) from my GXP2160. I want with an http request get the line, the status and the remote number. CTI is better but doesn’t work today with GXP like my post. There are others way to solve my problem?
Thank you.


Reviving an old topic, but why can’t grandstream populate the “remotename” and “remotenumber”? Its there, it looks like it should be filled in. It seems super simple to fix this. I would like to use it as a simple caller ID as well from an app to see what number is calling.