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I would like to ask about Grandstream Affinity. Is it possible to use TEL URL protocol with Grandstream Affinity? We are using Windows 10 updated over Fall Creators version, there are no options to use custom apps to define of usage at protocols if program installer does not install / associate with it. (Copying phone number to Affinity with method copy-paste is useless, much easier to dial at the phone, would be good to click only)

It will be perfect to click to call, sending over to GXP2130 by Affinity from browser, website using tel: protocol.

PS: Is there an option to log in automatically when Windows starts?


GS Affinity is limited to working with GXZP21xx phones and does not provide click-to-dial capabilities. It is quite standalone in its setup.

You can use N2Click from N2V Solotions (https://www.n2vs.com/n2click/) for click-to-dial.

The only way to Affinity with Windows is to manually put it in the Start-Up group.

Hopefully we will see an update to this application one day addressing the many enhancement requests users have given.


U can also use it in GXp17xx series :slight_smile:
I still wait if GS update this beta affinity program.


It would be great if there is a hotkey function for GS Affinity.
E.g. to mark a Number to dial in any Application like Browser or Thunderbird Adressbook (or via copy to clipboard) and then execute the call with a
hotkey F12 or a hotkey combination like STRG+F12 or else.


You can use plug-in to call directly from browser ?


No - I think there´s no plugin for it. Do you know one? I thought it would be great if Affinity could monitor the clipboard. This would be across applications not just for Browsers.


Sorry I didn´t read all before.
n2click is of course a Browser Plugin…

Regards Michael



Check this (there is more i think)