CRM integration using external URL pop-up from grandstream client at call start



Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for integration with external CRM system using auto URL / link popup feature.
basically, when agents in a queue receive or answer a call. their soft client will invoke a URL using his default browser to open a CRM link with some variables related to the call

The scenario is like this:
1- System administrator will configure a static url with some variables related to call (in agent extension page or wave app settings). something link this:


where $callerid , $agent_number , $queue_number are variables that will be dynamically replaced during the call by the app

2- A call center agent is logged-in and receives a call.
3- the soft client will read call parameters (callerid / agent_number / queue_number) and invoke a the pre-configured https request using device default browser.

for example:
https:///static_server_link/callerid=1122334455 &agent=100&service=6504

Is this feature supported in Grandstream UCM63xx devices?
or is there anyway to do the same thing with these devices?

I’m asking this with consideration of:
1- I know GS support multiple CRM integrations. but the system i want to integrate with is not one of them
2- I know about Grandstream API and AMI features. but I need a simple URL invoke where I don’t need extra configurations in external CRM.
what I want from the CRM software will automatically be done from the Https URL.

An example of what I’m asking for is in 3CX webclient --> settings --> integrations --> Open Contact URL
but I’m looking for the same thing in Grandstream system or soft clients.



Dear user,

Thank you for using the Wave application! I will pass your request to our Wave development team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Hello Zahed,
could you figure it out? I have a very similar implementation that I need to do.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! Could you describe your request in details? You can also share your request in this post. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Hi again everyone,

I already started a ticket with Grandstream support and it is still in the process.

I’m just here to add some diagrams that explains the scenario. I really can’t add any details more useful than original post.

The reason for this scenario is the following:
1- I don’t have to install any software in the computer for helpdesk/CRM since its completely web based. and there no communication between CRM server and GS UCM.
(less network / firewall configuration hassle).

2- I don’t need to assign a software team from for CRM side or GS side to configure APIs (ease of installation and configuration and less cost)

Wish I find a response (hopefully positive) for it.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback and clarifications! I have talked about this feature with our Wave development team today. We will need to investigate this feature in 3CX and evaluate how many development resources it will cost, then we may arrange it in the roadmap if our PM confirms to implement it in the Wave app future release. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!