Create User with 3 letters for server integration



We are integrating the Grandstream 6202 to an Ascom Nurse Call system. The NC server can connect to the PBX but needs to connect using the username API. Currently the 6202 only allows 4 letters or more. We need 3 letters or we will have to go with a different product. Is it possible to set up users with 3 letters using another method?


What is username API ??


Its the username the Ascom Nurse Call Server Appliance uses to log into the Grandstream so the Ascom API can create users/extensions in the Grandstream that match the Nurse Call speakers. This way we can direct telephone calls through the Grandstream to Nurse Call Speakers.


On GS side it is API login or extension login ?


API login?.
I’m trying to add the user through: Maintenance-User Management. I’ve created a custom privilege, but the User Name must be 4. I’m not able to change the login user name on the nurse call from API. The nurse call server would log in and create extensions, It also has the capability of setting up and tearing down calls via this interface.
Thanks for your help


As for now it is locked to minimum 4, you can request to add via helpdesk (not here).