Cordless phones not always ringing or able to answer


OK so we have 5 phones and they all register and all say signal strength is great. When they work they work but more than often the phone will ring for 1 or 2 rings and nothing or will ring and we answer but no one is there. or no audio I should say.



5 phones registered on 5 different extensions?
are local or remote extensions?
Register for which server?
fw of the products?
If you don’t write down the details it will be difficult to help you.


5 phones on 5 different extensions

they are all local

They have registered with the DP 750 they are all DP720’s

as far as FW everything was on the latest FW.


What’s the HS Mode for each SIP account and how about the line settings?


have you proven if the problem is solved by calling every single extension?
Have you set a keep alive time of about 15 seconds and disabled nat?



When someone calls it they hit the ring group that rings all of them.

NAT is disabled and keep alive is set to 20


starts disabling account 6 and rehearsing by calling the individual extensions. And see if these calls all go smoothly.


Can you catch logs from it ?
Check if you do not see 486 busy from DP750 to server on handset that not ring ?


I also suggest to upgrade the firmware to first, your screenshots shows the device is using which was released 2 years ago.


Problem is also on when you have heavy traffic.
#[20190320113233] - ticket id if you want check.


Thanks Marcin,
I forwarded your Syslog in Helpdesk to SW team, and checking with our test team if they have reproduced this issue during their stress testing. Will follow up with you at this post.
@graham Most likely you are experiencing the same with Marcin, but if you can provide a Syslog with DEBUG level that would help us to confirm the problem. thanks!


ciao @Shawn-GSSupport424, hai notizie in merito alla pubblicazione del template del DP7XX


Disable PTT function on handset, see if that help (i’m not sure yet but so far that solve problem).
menu --> Preference --> PTT


We have updated the config template already, we will release an alias version of the template as well (using the format instead of P{nubmers}.
Right now, the link of the config template files on our website is broken, we are fixing it now.


yes in fact I’ve seen that the link is broken, but still missing several new templates