Control Latching Relay


I currently have a GDS3710 activating a gate for access control using DTMF and it’s great. But I’d really like the ability to activate and deactivate relay to keep the gate open occasionally.

Does anyone know of a relay that is controllable from a grandstream phone system that I could have a simple button press activate it, and either toggle or have a different button press deactivate it?




What firmware running on your GDS3710?

If it is latest version, have you tried configure the “Keep Door Open” feature? (Default is disabled).
You can configure the GDS3710 controlling the strike by either “Immediately Open Door” or “Schedule Open Door”, and configure the time span or length to keep the door open. You can also program “Emergency PIN to Disable Keep Door Open” to overlap the open door (locking the door when it is open status) from GDS3710 keypad, or from the webUI by logging into the GDS3710.

This feature is designed for application scene like Schools, Library, Government, Clubs, Gyms, etc., where in some specific time the place will open to public and door is unlocked but will be locked at other times and employees can use PIN or RFIC to get in while locked. Also the staff can overwrite the open door setting by locking the door immediately in the keypad of GDS3710 by entering emergency PIN. (like for example, in the morning the school door is open allowing students and parents getting in, but if something happened, any staff knowing the emergency PIN can access to the door by input the emergency PIN to change the door from OPEN to LOCK, or from computer logging into the webUI of GDS3710 to do that.

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me or Grandstream Support if you have further questions.

Thank you for using GDS3710!


What kind of strike is that? Can this be done with a fail secure or must it be a fail safee$


Failsafe or Failsecure does not matter. The COM2 interface has three PIN socket, as long as you wired the related strike correctly, it should work.

More details please refer to below document:

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You can also refer to this forum post for more information: