Continue Ringing Local Extension With Follow-Me



Currently when Follow-Me is configured, the local extension rings and then stops ringing when the Follow-Me is triggered. It would be helpful to provide the option to either:

  1. Specify keep ringing the local extension while the Follow-Me tree is followed


  1. Add the local extension to the Follow-Me tree.

This way a person who just got back to their office could still answer the local phone if they just got back to the office when a call comes in.


You can add the local extension to the tree. Just select “External number” and type it in the text field.


Thanks. That’s good to know, but it is not obvious and the call still disconnects from the local extension until Follow-Me kicks in.

IMHO, the local extension should appear in the list of extensions and more importantly, the phone should just keep ringing through the Follow-Me process without stopping and then ringing again.


Thanks cyfo,

Ran into this today. Glad it was answered. I gave your comment a heart, not that I’m looking for a commitment or anything.