Consulting paid help needed


We are a small office with four Grandstream PBX boxes. Three of them are UCM6204 and one of them is UCM6208 boxes. We are in need of a paid consultant to help us use these boxes to the fullest extent that is easily allowed by the equipment. We do not have internal manpower or expertise to read the manuals and use optimize the use of our phones and the PBX system. If anyone on this forum has good knowledge and provide phone help, we will be happy to pay them for their efforts. If any of you have a well written, easy to use customized manual, I would happy to receive it also.

Ganesh Balu,


Do you have a set of requirements or at least goals of what you’re looking to do? The PBX has lot of features, some may not be useful to you. I have a good knowledge of the UCM, the manuals Grandstream provides are very good as well. I have a friend who is the real expert, he’s who I went to for the real advanced stuff on my phone system.


There is plenty expert here, NA also :slight_smile:
Usually i recommend professional or expert level in UC (i’m not your zone so cannot help much).