Constraint mode problem



One of our client has configured the GXP1625 in constraint mode. He also unable to provide the admin password of the device.
I can get access to the phone using the Ethernet cable directly to the phone and my laptop. I also have the access to the phone’s web GUI as a user.
But I can’t change the setting as a user or perform factory reset to the device as I don’t have the admin access to the device.

How can I resolve this problem???


Refer to the manual as there is a process involving the keys and a power sequence that can be used to factory reset.

If using a provisioning server you could change the settings and password by reprovisioning the device.


How can I create a provisioning server??
Can you suggest the combination keys to perform the factory reset?


Did you refer to the manual for the key combination for the reset?


Yes. Will it work in when the phone in constraint mode?


The constraint mode stop people from accessing certain phone menu items and changing settings.

Power the phone down. Power the phone up and when you see the booting message immediately hold down the 1, 3 & 9 keys simultaneously until you see the factory reset message then release.