Connnect mcm module fail!


Another message we see A LOT in the syslogs from a UCM6102 running v1.0.20.17. Obviously, the timestamps change, but the rest of the message is the same.

<11>May 24 10:06:06 UCM6102_pbxmid: [pbxmid] <09480> [mcm_manager_event.c:226]connnect mcm module fail !

We’ve seen this more than 418,000 times in the past seven days, (almost 2500 times per hour). This basic rate is consistent no matter what timeframe we look at (days, weeks, or months).

Any idea what’s going on with this message?

This is similar to


David I don’t know the answer, but does it really return “coNNNect” with 3 n?


Yes. Copy. Paste.