Connnect mcm module fail


Anyone else experiencing this ?

Using Syslog Watcher, it is just filled with the error

[pbxmid] <09876> [mcm_manager_event.c:226]connnect mcm module fail ! 

I have searched around and cannot get a grip on which module this is actually referring to within the UCM6204 system.

We have random call drops, but don’t think this is related.



Never seen it, go with GS ticket system, i really doubt we can help.


I do not think it’s the problem, but the error that you wrote me refers to the GXP2200-EXT, I have no idea if it could be useful


CTI server port.?


Ciao, have you found how to solve this problem?

I’ve the same in my syslog…

Apr 11 19:36:40 Apr 11 19:36:39 UCM6102_pbxmid: [pbxmid] <08949> [mcm_manager_event.c:226]connnect mcm module fail !