Connection in Vancover


Hello All,

Anyone in or with a connection in Vancouver BC Canada? I’ve got a remote phone with issues. I’d like someone to check the cables and make sure the phone has the best chance for connection.


@costwisewpg Hey, James, where is location in Vancouver? I might be able to arrange something.



Thanks for looking at the address I messaged you. To bad you’re so far away.

Anyone else?

I don’t want to put an address publicly but, here’s a nearby intersection…


id happily escape Melbourne Aussie to come visit… :wink: but thats no good to you… let me check with my Canadian friends…


I thought I was your Canadian friend, DO YOU HAVE TWO?!


What? So I am chopped liver out here in LaLa Land??? I realise I am stuck out in the Pacific but still Canada, ya know?!? :yum: