Connecting PC port to WIFI router on my GXP1760W VOIP Phone


Hi there. I have a GXP1760W phone which was installed in my apartment for the building intercom / doorbell system. A WIFI router was installed outside my unit and is shared with other apartments for their intercom systems but my signal is so weak I decided to hardwire the LAN cable directly into my phone.

Here’s what I did:

  • Disconnected the LAN cable from the communal router.
  • Fitted a LAN coupler to the LAN cable
  • Ran a new LAN cable through the wall and plugged into the LAN port of my phone
  • Disabled WIFi in my phone settings

As expected, the phone works perfectly now and calls are crystal clear

However, i need to somehow reconnect the communal router.

Here’s what I did:

  • ran another LAN cable from the PC port from my phone through the wall
  • plugged this cable into the LAN port of the router

Unfortunately the router does not power up.


Should this configuration work?
Are there any settings on the phone I need to change?

One point to add is that the communal router has a power socket but no power supply. It works when the LAN cable is plugged directly into the router, but does not work when I run a cable from my phone to the router. This may be unrelated but thought I’d mention it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


The router is most likely being powered via the network cable (POE/POE+). If I am correct, you phone will still be powered on when you remove its power cable when the network cable is plugged in.

The solution would be to use a POE injector between your second cable from you phone to the router.


@drostoker You are absolutely right! The phone stays on when the power supply is disconnected.

I have fitted a POE injector to supply power to the router and it’s all working as it should.

Thanks very much


did you try to update the FW?


No I didn’t. Would that help?


usually the FW are used for new functions and to fix bugs, if in your case it works or not I can’t tell you, you can always try


@damiano70 thanks. My initial problem is now solved after fitting the POE injector but I will update the firmware anyway as good practice.