Connect two GSC3510 with callbutton?


Hi, i wonder if it is possible to connect two GSC3510 with a callbutton on each side for calling and ending the connection to the other side?

What i have so far: Two GSC3510 conneted via WiFi with an accesspoint. On each GSC3510 i have a pushbutton, configured to make a direct call to the other device (no sip server, just calling the ip address).

If i push either button, the call is made and the two devices are connected. Both sides can talk to each other, all is fine. However, i cound not find a way to end the call. Is there a way i overlook?

Else, my feature request would be the option to end the call with the button again. So first press the call is made, second press the call is terminated.


Ending a call with the same button is a must. I don’t understand why it wasn’t made this way.

Normally, an IP phone could end the call but intercom to intercom, that’s pretty hard.