Connect GXP1400 with SIP


I’m trying to get a connection between my SIP account (at and my GXP1400 phone.
I tried everything I can think of, but keep seeing ‘not registered’…
Does anyone have experience with sip2sip?

Some things I’m not quite sure what to put, like ‘SIP proxy’ (what to put there?)
The outbound SIP proxy I entered (‘’)
Also username, password, SIP address are entered…


first make sure the credentials are correct, then if you want to publish the settings screen covering the sensitive parts, and make sure you have last fw (even if it’s EOL)


Which settings screen do you want? (I’ve got dozens of them… :wink:
This is what sip2sip gives me:


I meant GXP1400 side


As I asked: which one?
(I think I have 40+ pages of settings…)


the settings screen is a half page, max 2
I didn’t ask you for the manual, just the phone settings, the screenshot…


The general settings screen:

I can test with sip2sip by calling ’ '. How do I enter that with the phone?
(I only see IP and number dialing in the manual)


That’s not the account settings page, that’s a secondary