Connect 3 ucm together


i have 3 UCM 6202 V1.5B installed in 3 companies.
these 3 companies are interconnected by an intranet
how can i connect them together so they can inter-call between eatch other ?
i found this Connecting between UCM6108 and UCM6510 ,but how can i make it work for 3 ucm ?
thank you


Take a look at this It should answer all your questions


hello … i just edited my post that i found this walkthrough … how does it work for 3 ucm ? i need them all to interconnect


depends on the architecture. If you have three 6202 units, lets call them A, B & C. You connect A->B, B->C and C->A. You can also connect A->B and A->C routing calls between B and C through A. It’s your call on the architecture


Same as A-B, just treat each connection as new and ignore earlier settings.


Try using LDAP support between all UCM’s it works very efficiently with them.


I’ve done several of these. The routes can drive your mind a little bonkers, but with LDAP everything can extension dial and ring groups can be made across all systems.

We offer paid support on such things if needed.


what do you mean by LDAP ?! they are not connected to any domain controller


A good place to start may be to study the GS guide to interconnecting UCM’s then get hold of two units and get it working with a handset or 2 on each unit.
LDAP on the UCM is explained in more detail here

LDAP is covered in more detail in RFC4510, RFC4511 and RFC4513


by using sip peer we are able to call … but only one side is able to hear
what can i check ?!


Catch ethernet capture on both UCM, see if rtp is there.


You can enable/disable the NAT, verify that the VPN is in “transparent” mode, verify the outbound and inbound rules, and the SIP and NAT part is correctly configured on the UCM side.


i had to add all the remote subnet in local for it to work


you have to add all networks in all UCMs


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