Configure LBF for analog trunk - Configurar LBF para un trank analogico


I have followed the configuration for BLF, to monitor the extensions and it is working correctly.
How should I do to monitor analog trunks?
My phone is a GXP2130
Thank you very much for your time.

He seguido la configuración para monitorear las extenciones por medio de BLF, me está funcionando correctamente, pero no logro hacerlo para los troncales analogicos.
Como debo hacer para monitorear los troncales analogicos?
Mi teléfono es un GXP2130
Muchas gracias tu tiempo.


There is no way to monitor an analog trunk unless using SCA and that is quite limited. This is a IP-PBX with the ability to manage the both inbound and outbound call routes via rules and permissions. It is not a key-set system where users all have the same type of phone with X number of buttons set to each analog line. You can find the SCA manual on the GS website, but I advise against its use and it is more of an extension centric function rather than a line and it imposes some limitations that would otherwise not occur.