configure GOIP GSM Gateway Trunk whit UCM6100 / Configurar GOIP Gsm como troncal



Hi everybody,

I need configure a GOIP GSM Module on UCM, but I can find the user configuration guide for UCM, all I found is for freepbx or elastix.

anyone have one configured on there system?

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Saludos a todos,

necesito configurar un gateway gsm GOIP en una UCM principalmente para recibir llamadas, alguien tiene algún manual para hacer esto?

muchas gracias,

Jose Lara


You can get to all the UCM documentation from here



I can configure the gateway and is working perfect!

best regards,

Jose Lara


Hola, tengo el mismo problema. Como hiciste para configurarlo? Gracias.


Hi, How you configure your GoIP with UCM6100 as gate way and its work? Please help


no incoming calls for me from goip, any idea?


Hello, did you ding a solution for this. i an trying with DLINK DVG 6004G device incoming calls not working for me. Any one with an update on how.

Thank you.