Configuration DP752 with Zero Config


Has anyone tried the Configuration via Zero Config of the DP752? (now it is present on UCM).
It detects me but I can not make any way to set it from Zero Config (already restarted several times, as if I did nothing, yet he sees the terminal DP752 in the summary of terminals, I am forced to do it manually.
n.b .: from zero config it does not work even the “restart” command, useless


Do you have an “Option 66” configured on your DHCP? Of that option points elsewhere than your UCM, it will not provision.

I managed to provision the DP752 easily without problems. The only thing I saw was the VM access number was not configured using ZeroConfig.


hello @fmarcoux96, you mean the option that I attach in the screen?
I can configure any phone GXP, HT, DP750 etc … only the DP752 does not go, I do not think it’s my wrong configuration (I also did the factory format at DP752)


Make a packet capture of when you try to NOTIFY the phone for provisioning.

See if the request even goes to the phone! Also, did you upgrade to They fixed the provisioning (it didn’t work for me before I upgraded).


yes yes DP752 is now version, but Zero Config does not work


I did a test now, I took a GXP1625, formatted and configured with Zero config, it works correctly.


Make a packet capture. It sounds like a bug that Grandstream will want to fix.

Maybe @Shawn-GSSupport424 can help?


done and attached to the Helpdesk (I enclose here too) (202.7 KB)


Thanks for the packets. I didn’t see any SIP from/to DP752 thought.
From the trace, your UCM 6202 is using FW, i believe the issue is is the first public FW that support DP752.

If you still have problem after upgrading UCM6202 to, please capture a trace with Syslog enabled in DEBUG level, you can point Syslog server to some unreachable IP, it doesn’t matter, as it will be captured as outgoing packets. Thank you!


Hi Shawn-GSSupport424,
sorry I was wrong, that was a pcap for other tests, I’ll explain the current scenario, UCM 6202 just formatted, DP, I am attaching various screens and 3 tests.
n.b .: please note that the reboot from now works towards the DP752, but does not in any way self-configure, as already mentioned under current conditions any GXP and HT model are regularly configured by Zero config

  • -> sending the configuration to the DP752 from Zero config
  • -> sending of the reboot command to DP752 from Zero config
  • -> syslog taken after the reboot of the DP752

As seen from screen4, the extension 1000 is not taken over by the DP752, and entering the Web on of the DP752, it is clear that UCM has not written any value to it. (3.9 KB) (12.2 KB) (13.0 KB)


dhcp160 as well
since 66 is technically reserved for “TFTP only”