Config(space) disk usage exceeds the threshold! current usage: 81.00%, the threshold: 80.00%



I want to share an experience.

I have a client that has 2 UCM6510s backed up with an HA100. I am informed about system events by using the mail alert system. After an e-mail that reported an overcapacity problem in the configuration partition, I researched and found how to solve it, although I could not find why it occurred.
Reset to factory settings and restore backup.

How to factory reset two systems that are constantly synchronizing each other?
Would it be a problem when installing a backup?
From when should the backup be?
If there is a backup file taken after the partition exceeds its capacity, will the problem persist?
Should it be a backup taken before that?

To avoid all these risks, I disabled the Slave UCM. I disconnected it from HA which I have deactivated. I brought the Master to factory settings and uploaded the last backup file taken when there was a partition capacity overflow error. The UCM started working without any problems and with the partition corrected. I just didn’t get my IVR welcome messages. I had a backup of them, so I uploaded them.
“I realized I don’t know how to backup IVR welcome messages. I’ll have a look at it :))”

After this process, I connected the other UCM6510 that I left idle to HA. Synchronization worked and activated as Slave. I disabled the Master and watched the Slave become the Master and observed that the Configuration partition was normal in it.
After all this I did a firmware upgrade and my system is working normally.
If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

I prepared this article using google translate. Sorry if there are any misunderstandings.