Conferencing on GXP2140


This is probably a dumb question but I want to check to make sure. This is a question about phone-based conferencing not PBX-based dial-in conferencing.

I have a client that is unable to initiate a conference call on a phone with only one registered SIP account. My understanding is that this is expected, and is thus another reason to have multiple SIP accounts per phone.

So the rule is that you can do up to (n+1)-way conferencing where “n” is the number of registered SIP accounts. Correct?






It is also LINE not only account :slight_smile:
Each call need to have 1 line free.


This is only true if you’re in Line Mode. In Account mode, as long as you have one button assigned to the line, you can bring in a third party to the call.


@SmartVox A far i tested if account is not default/line then you are limited in calls.
If you leave only 1 line like this you will not be able to make 2 call for attended transfer. So for conference you will need have free lines for each extra connection (unless GS change something lately without adding this to release).


But my point is that you can do it in Account Mode with other buttons assigned to other functions without having to have additional lines per button.




I do not understand. There is no Account mode at all (or line). I guess you talk about Default ?
Then you need have so many default as many calls you want to do.


I’m talking about the key mode:


Never read it :slight_smile:
Ty for explain.


@SmartVox Dang fine answer. I’ve never noticed that option before. I’ve just tested and confirmed that Key Mode will change my life for the better. I’ve lost weight, I’m taller, I seem to be glowing slightly, and I’m better at exaggerating! Seriously, I’m reprogramming my personal phone right now.

I’d be interested in your feedback regarding pros and cons of using Account Mode over Line Mode. As of right now, I can’t see why Account Mode is not the default (at least my default) option as it seems many times more useful than line mode.

As a quick digression. The very first system I installed, I was confused why, with only one line key programmed, i could not conference call. I could press the button, start the call, but when I hit dial (or whatever the button said) my second call would hang up and I was immediately reconnected to the first call. I put in a ticket to GS and was told I had to have at least two keys programmed. So, all my systems now have two keys minimum used so my customers can conference call. I’m not sure if Account Mode is an update in newer firmware that I never noticed or what.

Regardless, thanks again for the great answer.


Ha! :slight_smile: Glad I could help. I feel the same. It changed my life when I stumbled across it in a PDF manual somewhere (not release notes, but an actual Grandstream PDF manual). I thought, “wait, is this the thing that I’ve been looking for all of my life after I find the Eternal Fountain of Chocolate?”

Not sure when it showed up or why it’s buried or why it’s not the default, but we’ve found no negative side effects. It makes the phones behave the way we thought they should from day 1.


Well, for a dumb question that certainly generated a lot of useful dialog.

I’m still confused about the difference between Line and Account modes, but I want to explore it some more before I officially ask. I currently don’t have a GXP2140/60 to play with but I have one coming soon. If I get it figured out I’ll post an answer here, otherwise I’ll post a question.

Thanks to everyone for responding.



It was for some time, never checked it :cold_sweat::cold_face:

Line mode: You need “free” VPK for each call
Account: You need just 1 VPK with account and have calls limited by Phone capacity.

See account (i still can make multiple calls), same setting with LINE is 1 call only. This is HUGE difference.

Front Desk operation (ringgroup)

Glad I could help. This was such a great discovery for us that I’m surprised it’s not the default.


As default it could make many configuration wrong. GS cannot change it :confused:
But that should be Red marked in release :slight_smile:


OK, I got my GXP2140 yesterday afternoon and have been playing with it. I think I understand it now, and I also now understand Marcin’s explanation.

I set up my phone with two registered accounts, each assigned to an MPK. In Line mode I can do a three-party conference call (me, MPK1, MPK2) but if I try to add a fourth party it puts the third party on hold and lets me dial, but when I try to connect it doesn’t and instead takes the third party off hold. I think this is confusing, and probably not what it should do.

However in Account mode I can add a fourth party just fine.

I don’t understand what else Line/Account mode does, and don’t understand why the choice even exists. In other words, I don’t understand what you give up if you choose Account mode. I also don’t understand side effects, like what CID gets reported if there are two accounts with different CIDs and you are in Line mode.

But, I now know how to fix my customer’s complaint, which was that conference calls stopped working when I took the confusing (and I thought unnecessary) second extension off each phone.

Thanks to all…



We regularly have multiple VPKs assigned to different extensions on different servers. In Line Mode, this limits us to one call per VPK. In account mode, we can have as many calls as there are SIP connections available on the particular phone. On a 2160 that means six calls PER EXTENSION even if there’s only one VPK PER EXTENSION.

In other words, we’ve found no reason to not use Account Mode 100% of the time.