Conference calls in GXP2170



Hello Evreyone
I have problem to make a conference call frome grandstream GXP2170, Firmware
when I call to first number, The other party answers the call,
I press the conference call button on the phone,
The first call goes on hold, I write the second number,Press dial
The operation is canceled and returns to the call that was on hold (the first call).
I don’t know what the reason is, I would appreciate your help!?


take a look at the amount of keys on the gxp2170 handset that is allocated to the extension number - it has to = 3


server VoIP?


thank you, I appreciate that

I can’t find it on the phone setting

You have the option to send a picture or be more specific ??


They are asking what is the phone connected to. The phone cannot, by itself, conduct a conference call without being connected to a PBX or other that can handle the numerous lines that the other participants to the conference will merge together in a conference.

In order to accommodate a conference there must be more than one line available and the GXP must be able to access them both (or more).