Conference call timer



Conference room timeout, how do you change the amount of time?

“A voice message comes on stating “you are the only one left in this conference. Press 1 to remain on the line.” If you don’t press one the conference call disconnects.”

At present this is set to 2 minutes and I need it longer, anyone know?


I think this is by design, as long you are alone that’s not conference :smiley:
This message is remainder for this. I do not remember anywhere changer for this.


Correct, they want to be able to wait longer for the person to return or the next person to enter without being kicked out.


I have an enhancement request into Grandstream to make the time out of variable. I believe the current default is two minutes, and I find that was too short.


You can try raise this via heldesk as enhancement.


Agree! There needs to be a way to change this. I will often have users that will connect 5 minutes + to a conference and then step away until right before it starts. They will come back to the call disconnected. It only started doing this in one of the recent firmwares.


Great news! This will be implemented in one of the coming releases.