Concurrent Extensions


I have configured 3 extensions that have 2 concurrent registrations set.

2 of the extensions have 2 phones connected, the 3rd extension has a 2170 and the gs wave app. However when the gs wave registers the 2170 does not allow inbound calls but it can still dial out.

Deleting the user has not fixed the issue.

Any thoughts?

2170 running
6202 running

UCM set up in route mode


the 2170 does not allow inbound calls

What do you see/hear when you make a call to this extension?


The app is the only thing that rings, the desk phone looks like it is registered. When I exit the app the 2170 has to be restarted to get it re-registered.


Have you looked at a trace of a call. That should tell you what’s going on


How new is the installation?


Its our inhouse system running for about a year. I have had the app running in the past without issues.


Is the 2170 on DND? Check the phone and the dial code.


Phone not in DND. As a test I registered a 1628 to the extension and both phones are working at the same time. I then set concurrent to 3 and turned on the app and both 2170 & 1628 stopped working


verified that the value “simultaneous registrations” is a correct value?
Have you tried changing the SIP port while listening?