Comparison DP720/DP722/DP730



Hello, everyone,
I wanted to have your opinion (and I think this topic can be useful to everyone) on a comparison between Products -> DP720/DP722/DP730
I tried the DP730, I find it a bit big and so I would like to buy for my customers the DP722 model.
I exclude a priori the DP720 because (in my opinion) it will soon be replaced by the new Dect.
The DP730 has the vibration (I think it is not mentioned in the brochure),
the DP722 I think is very similar to the DP730, but smaller (similar to the DP722) and probably without vibration. Unfortunately the brochure does not show the measurements of the DP722).
If someone who has tried them would kindly give me two tips in positive and in negative I would be grateful.
Also (I suppose the answer could be YES) -> DP760 can also act as repeater for the new DP752? Do you think so?

thank you


For the price difference, I’d go with the DP730 since the screen is bigger and the phone itself feels bigger in hands.

As for the repeater, yes. The DP760 can be linked to DP752.


722 is smaller around 10% (almost same size as 720), it is bit heavier then 720. same screen as 720.
Price 720>722>730
722 and 720 have battery AAA
730 use same battery as 820 (Li-ion 1500) which give double working time.
730 have extra 1 top screen button (it will be nice advantage).

In short 722 is refreshed 720 i think and feel similar.
730 have more buttons and PTT.


You are right, DP722 doesn’t have a vibration, here are all the hardware differences:

  • Screen: DP730 is using 2.4 inch LCD (240x320) while DP722/DP720 is 1.8 inch LCD (128x160)

  • battery: DP730 Li-ion 1500 mAh, DP722/DP720 Ni-MH AAA 800 mAh

  • Vibration: only present on DP730

  • Proximity and accelerometer sensors: only present on DP730

  • Keypad backlight: only present on DP730

  • 3 Side buttons (2 volume control button, 1 PTT button): only present on DP730

  • Middle softkey: only present on DP730 (DP722 only have 2 softkeys, while DP730 has an extra middle softkey)

  • RF range: DP730 > DP722/DP720. Because of the larger space, DP730 has better RF signal antenna and the RF signal range is better than DP722. (Range of DP730 is completely outrageous). The DP722 has improved RF range from DP720, so it also a little better than DP720.

  • DP722 dimension: 158 x 50 x 28.1mm with buckle; Charger cradle: 81.15 x 75.89 x 36.36mm

  • DP730 dimension: 168.5 x 52.5 x 21.8mm with buckle; Charger cradle: 76 x 73 x 81mm

  • DP722 Weight: Handset: 110g; Charger cradle: 44g; Universal power supply: 50g; Package: 328g

  • DP730 Weight: Handset: 180g; Charger cradle: 78g; Universal power supply: 50g; Package: 465g

  • Keypad layout:
    DP722 keypad is more like DP720, DP730 keypad is more like WP820, notice the Speaker and Mute buttons:


@Shawn-GSSupport424 you are always professional and efficient :slight_smile:

the DP733 will be a new model :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s a typo… have it fixed. :sweat_smile: