Comments for system documented provisioing


It is probably too late to add before general release, but it would be very handy is GDMS add a description beside each code just like we can now manually do in Zero Config.

I am already using GDMS to find the PCodes I am looking for, but it would speed up the process if I could make all the adjustments and see what each code is there for all at once at the end. Right now I have to flip back and forth one by one.

This would also help in later debugging of the codes when reading the text version in the editor.


Dear user,

Thanks for testing GDMS platform! Users can put the comments in GDMS text editor such as:

#####Account - SIP Settings###
##SIP Registration
31 = 1

However, the comments are not in text editor by default. Users need to put them in text editor manually.

Do you mean to add the description beside each configuration such as:
In “Set Parameter” of a specific device on GDMS, if I move my cursor to option - SIP Registration, it will prompt corresponding P value (31)? Then, users do not need to search for the P value in config template.

Or, do you mean we should put all default P values in text editor as comments, so that users can adjust and push to the device directly?

Thank you!


Thank you @GSSupport74 for considering my request. Let me clarify what I was asking for. I would like that when someone provisions a specific code via the GUI editor, the parameters created (PCodes) would be documented. So, for example (and I assume there is a proper format for this that I may not know):

######Account - SIP Settings######
272=1 # Enable 100rel
2397=1 # Enable SIP OPTIONS Keep Alive

This way a person who used both editors would know what each parameter is for from the text editor.

That is an excellent enhancement idea as well. Anything that makes it easier to find what the actual configuration parameter is would be a most welcome enhancement.

Again, thank you for listening.


Thanks a lot for your nice suggestions! We will consider to evaluate this improvement in GDMS future release.

Thank you!