Cloud instability


For several days I have been observing a high, disturbing phenomenon of GWN Cloud malfunction.
The functionalities, such as the list of devices, logs on devices, list of clients, do not work properly. I keep getting a Network Service Error!
Also because of this, devices are often seen as offline.

What’s going on with Grandstream there? From month to month more surprises, and not the good ones.


this is only a forum, technical problems must be sent via ticket to Grandstream;


Seriously ?
First I hear, I understand that we do not inform about failures of others?
Valuable advice once again.


Mine is just advice, don’t expect solutions here as they are all just users,
if you open a ticket please contact Grandstream directly,
then you can do whatever you want.


I have a tech friend next province over who has installed some of GS network gear, he’s had some struggles also (i don’t believe he’s on here, but I did recommend he join, he did open a ticket with helpdesk as @damiano70 mentioned, but I haven’t heard any updates).
I personally haven’t jumped on the GS network gear yet, still seems very new.


@damiano70 I opened a ticket [20230928110241] since 28.09.2023 and no one is answering. We have a huge wireless network with more than 60 locations worldwide , and we are in the middle of migration to Grandstream. Now we are stuck with many issues and your support is ignoring us. Who I should contact in this case ??


here we are all or almost all users, as mentioned above,
you must definitely contact your supplier, and in any case directly to Grandstream.

Good work.