Cloud IM issue after end of Remote Connect beta


Now that everyone’s beta of the Remote Connect has ended we can see what works and doesn’t on the free plan and I have found that the loss of Cloud IM means I can’t log in from the Wave app on Windows. I get “Cannot connect to IM server…”. I can log into the Android app but I get a constant “Server disconnected. Attempting to reconnecting” (grammar error not mine). I can’t even connect using my LAN IP, so the has locked me out of the Wave app on Windows and made the Android app waste battery.

I’m not opening a support ticket yet because surely someone will be working on this soon. This just broke everything (at least for me) unless I want to pay for the highest tier Remote Connect plan. Once this mess is fixed Grandstream must come up with a way to have Cloud IM a la cart, only having it on the top tier is a terrible idea.


I just found out from my distributer that you can buy Cloud IM separate and add it to the Pro, Plus and Business plans. It looks like it is a $79 a year add on. But it still currently leaves anyone without Cloud IM with a mostly or completely non-functioning Wave, which is shown as available for all plans including the free Basic. If someone else is has info on why Wave is not working or if Grandstream is going to update it to not depend on Cloud IM, I would love to hear about it.


Dear user,

Thanks for using the GDMS platform and UCMRC service! Users can disable the Cloud IM service and it will not block users to log in the Wave application and use it. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


And how is the service disabled? I unlinked the system from Cloud IM in GDMS. I saw no option to disable Cloud IM from the UCM. Is it done on the Wave app? If so, how?


Under System Settings
IM Settings


That got it, thank you. Seems like that should be under Remote Connect.


So now that I have this turned off, nothing changed. So now my question is, what was Cloud IM for? Is it only to support shared IM across multiple UCMs? If that is the case is there any benefit at all to having it on a standalone system?


I went ahead and subscribed to the REMOTE-PLUS plan, now I cant make ANY major changes to any exiting extensions nor can I add any NEW extensions without “IM SERVER DATABASE HAS ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR”. I never had IM service on my UCM, and it is unchecked now. This has basically rendered my system unmanageable. And, since it is on the GDMS CLOUD there is basically no way to troubleshoot it. I also have the constant “reconnecting to server” on my WAVE app, which has rendered that also unusable. I hope GS SUPPORT is monitoring this thread. I have a ticket open for the inability to save changes on the UCM, but just found out about the WAVE issue also. I am just glad I discovered this myself. I have a large customer wanting to subscribe to UCMRC, I will have to tell them it is definitely not ready for prime time in any way shape or form!.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! When the Cloud IM feature is enabled, it allows users between multiple UCM devices to chat, schedule, and start meetings. It will decrease the storage space of the UCM itself, and the chat data can be stored in the Cloud server, so that it will help to improve the UCM CPU performances. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! Could you kindly reproduce this issue and share some screenshots with us? Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


I can definitely reproduce the issue as ANY changes to extensions that I assume would involve the IM CLOUD produce the error. I am not quite sure what screenshots you would want. The error pops up at the top of the screen but is so fleeting that I cant get a screen shot of it. All of my settings for IM are disabled (unchecked). This is extremely critical for me to get my system back to where I can make changes and add extensions to this system…


Dear user,

Please kindly help us confirm the questions below:

  1. This customer cannot add extensions in the UCM630x Web UI?
  2. The newly created extensions cannot be synchronized from the UCM630x to the GDMS platform?
  3. This customer cannot add extensions to the GDMS platform directly?

We also received a report about this issue from our regional support. May I ask if your device is C0:74:AD:1B:8D:E6? Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!

  1. This customer cannot add extensions in the UCM630x Web UI?
    Any attempt to add an extension results in “IM SERVER DATABASE HAS ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR” with the added extension not being added.
  2. The newly created extensions cannot be synchronized from the UCM630x to the GDMS platform?
    There are no newly created extensions as no additions or major changes can be effected to the system
  3. This customer cannot add extensions to the GDMS platform directly? I have not attempted this as I have ALWAYS managed my systems and my customers systems directly on the UCM(s)
    I have recommended to all my customers and affiliates that, until I can clear this issue on my system to not subscribe to UCMRC. I did find a way to perform emergency changes on the system by exporting the extension csv, making the changes, importing the modified csv. Forcing the uploading of the csv to end (as it hangs) Then APPLY CHANGES. This at least allows changes and additions of extensions to my system. I removed the UCM from connection to the GDMS CLOUD and attempted the addition/changes and received the same error. This leads me to believe that there is a database change to the UCM when a active subscription is applied by GRANDSTREAM/GDMS and the physical UCM is “changed”. If this is the case, a definite WARNING to make sure that a full backup is performed PRIOR to any subscriptions. (similar to an update). I really need to get this resolved on my system, as I utilize this system not only in my office functions, but also in duplication of multiple customers field issues so I can test them in a controlled environment. Not being able to easily make changes on my system is preventing me from assisting these mutual customers. Would restoring my system to the effect of BASIC PLAN or adding IM CLOUD to the system cure this issue (at least temporarily)? Yes the 8D:E6 is the system in question. However, I question if it is wise to place the entire MAC address on open forum?


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! We checked the database from the cloud server and it seems that you did not enable the Cloud IM service in your UCM63xx device. You can check whether if you have enabled the Cloud IM service as the screenshot shows below:

Could you kindly send the screenshot of this interface on the Web UI of your UCM63xx to us for troubleshooting? Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


That is exactly the issue, I do not have CLOUD IM in the PLUS PLAN (nor do I want this feature) I have attached a screenshot showing my PLUS PLAN dos not include CLOUD IM. So I cannot enable it. However, my UCM is trying to save all changes TO the CLOUD IM. I am caught in a loop because of an apparent “bug” in the PLUS PLAN. I am just glad this has not happened to my customers.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! May I ask if you can capture the screenshot of “IM Settings” on the Web UI of your UCM6302 (You can send a private message to me with the screenshot)? We have some ideas about this issue and could you kindly capture the logs from your UCM6302 and send the logs to us to confirm this issue? Please kindly check the “CGI” logs option and “PBXMID” logs option before downloading the logs from your UCM6302. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback and assistance! We have remotely accessed this UCM device and recovered the missing data. The reason is the Cloud IM service database in the UCM63xx including upgrade compatible issue (data missing issues), and also there are some scripts missing in the UCM device (this was generated by the UCM device upgrade process). We have recovered this device through the UCM device’s background. This issue is not a UCMRC plan issue.

We also run some tests on this UCM and everything works fine now. You can try it when you have a chance. Please note that we will not leak your device information and we will also not store your device information. You can modify your device password after testing!

Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Is this something that could/will happen to other users systems? What steps do I/We need to take to keep customers systems from falling into the same issue? Thank you again for assisting on this!


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! This is a very low probability issue and it can be generated after the UCM was upgraded to a new version. We will talk about this issue internally with our development team next business day (next Monday), and analyze this issue deeply. If the user encounters such an issue, they cannot fix this issue by the user self, and we need to help the user fix this issue remotely. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Dear all,

Thank you for all your feedback! This issue was generated by upgrading the UCM63xx device to our internal test firmare version If you never asked for this internal test firmware version before, you will not encounter such an issue in the future. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!