Cloud / Controller adoption after deployment?



We’re a small ISP who is just about to purchase a bunch of GWN7052’s for our clients to replace aging routers.

I understand they can’t yet adopt to GWN Manager, but if we start deploying them out now with access to the web port from our office, when it is possible to adopt them, will we just be able to do this without wiping the entire router? Or will adding them into GWN Manager require a wipe and reconfigre?



This is a user forum not Grandstream themselves… send in a ticket in or contact @GS.Jimmy for his thoughts.


I am aware, thank you, but as you’ve pointed out - there are Grandstream staff here on the forum.


Grandstream answers are sporadic,… ergo why I flagged it with Jimmy’s attention. He will respond if he sees the inclusion into the thread as he appears to be the most active outside of the Support Ticket system. Good Luck.


To be honest, I’d rather do without rebooting to factory settings :slight_smile:
Let’s wait for the full implementation before you deploy it, test it :slight_smile:


I apologize for the late response. I have notified @GS_Tian to help answer this inquiry, as he is much more familiar with that product line.


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to transfer your router setup to GWN Cloud/Manager in their coming new release with router support. It is due the new Cloud/Manager setting will be more SDN style and won’t be one on one match to the local UI settings.
However, with the new GWN Cloud/Manager, you will be able to still adopt those deployed routers without overwriting the existing local settings. Once you finish the new configurations on Cloud/Manager, you can manually push new configurations to the routers to overwrite previous local settings.


Thanks Tian. So just to confirm, if I send out a bunch of routers and open a port so we can get web access to them, when GWN Manager (we’ll likely use the onprem version, just for security) launches with router support, we can add those routers to GWN Manager without requiring a full reset.

I guess my question comes down to - can we adopt them into the controller when ready without losing connection to them and then push out new settings?


Yes. Just be careful with the WAN settings push down from Manager. A wrong WAN setting will cause you lost the router connection.