Close or Logout of Grandstream Wave


Android on a Galaxy. GS Wave v1.0.19.8

Is there a way to close this program on my phone? Logout? When choosing to close it in the phone’s app manager it does not close. Stays in the background. There is nothing in the app that I can see for logging out, or even just preferences or settings of any kind.

Am I missing something here? Is this software so intrusive to not even allow closing it? Yes I can and will be uninstalling, but please someone verify this is the expected behavior.


I dont like the fact you can just exit the app either but there are 2 ways to get it to stop running.

The first option is to actually logout, its not obvious how to do this because the location is only available on 1 tab in the app. Select the Chats tab and then select your extension name or image in the top left of the app. From there you can select logout and close the app. I dont mind having to close the app this way to much but I did prefer the old waves app implementation on having an exit app button so I didnt have to enter my password every time I want to use the app again.

I really wish that avatar was on every tab, we dont even use the Chat feature and I think there should be a setting to disable it from the app if you are not using it.

Second option is also in the user settings and if you select Account status you can change your status to “Do not Disturb” the app will still run in the background but you wont receive any calls. This used to work great on android app version 1.17.xx but now with the new 1.19.xx update every call that comes in I get a ding on my phone, and its really annoying. No pop up just a loud DING and if your wearing a headset it hurts your ears. I think its a bug because why would I want a noise that I cant change going off for every call if I am on DND. It also messes with the system audio of the device and for about 5 seconds after the ding the phones volume is lowered for other apps.