Client Roaming/Handover



How do you set up client Roaming/handover between master and slave units? I cannot get a client device to switch even with -85 rssi.


Sounds like you need Unified WiFi, i have just asked this question… If they do not handle Unified SSID there fairy pointless as far as we are concerned (and will still to selling the D-Link that does Unified WiFi VERY well.


any new updates about roaming and hand off for Gransdstream APs ?

we need this facility for some clients who are using GS WAVE on their mobiles and moving in a campus and want their calls remain connected when they are moving among many APs coverage areas



Take a look over here:


We’ve experienced issues with roaming between APs, but isn’t the client device’s decision on when to jump to another AP?

These devices do not do any kind of “session management” where the clients sessions are handed from AP to AP. The client just jumps when it decides to.


Yes, MightyCorilla,

Roaming is client decision. Some client could be more sticky and some may be more aggressive.
Some wifi configurations may help client to trigger roaming decision.

  1. Lower TX power
  2. Set minimum RSSI to force client to roam

For better roaming experience, on GWN AP, 802.11k/v/r fast roaming is avalible to reduce the interruption caused by roaming.