Client Inactivity Timeout



Good day! Just starting a conversation regarding this feature by GWN. In my understanding, once an end device idles (or stops sending anything to the AP) the timer starts and if it reached the configured timeout, it will kick the end device.

In theory, it’s all good, proactively clearing the client list but with the system we’ve put in it might be problematic. We run a hotspot service for public places, SSIDs are open. Connecting to the AP is not a problem and we’ve set their internet sessions longer than the client inactivity timeout so getting kicked off the AP and connecting back in would not be a problem.

The reason we’re asking for some deep insight with this feature is because - we’ve had complaints from some guests that after they’ve re-activated their laptops that was idling, it showed that it is connected wireless-ly but with no internet. We’ve checked and they have enough IP addresses and session is still running. We also tried using Mikrotik routers to station into the GWN AP so that we can see more info regarding wireless link. Getting the router idle/off for quite some time gave us grief in connecting back to the AP. Mikrotik had logged an error that meant “Station does not receive response to association frames, either bad link or AP is ignoring this Station for some reason.”

I know this inquiry is long-winded, and might not be a big of a problem as we think of it but if anyone has an idea please do share. Thank you so much.


probably the standby of the pc also turns off the wifi after a while, you should check the problem on the pc side


My understanding of this feature is different to yours. That just controls how long the client appears in the client page after it disconnects.

If you look in the client page, it shows devices there that are no longer connected to the AP (they show as ’
‘Offline’ I think). The ‘Client Inactivity Timeout(s)’ is how long it holds those disconnected devices information, before it scrubs them.

IMO nothing todo with devices ‘idling’ whilst associated and the AP disconnecting them.