Click to Call



Customers asking about the ability for Affinity to be able to support the highlight a number in any application :slight_smile: and right click to call feature.




Can you give example of such feat that someone do ?

As far i know it is impossible to write soft to do such thing. Every program must support it solo.
Maybe there is option to set affinity with windows"modem" then maybe it could work for program that support modem.


Should be doable. Should be same as highlight and copy/cut text, but put in right click to copy highlighted text, auto paste to Affinity dialler window with a dial command at the end. Basically a macro of what I have to do manually now.


Yeah as marker for selected it is doable, but this is not integration to program.








Hey Marc and co,

There are plenty of Web Browser style apps that do exactly what you are talking about, just so many changes in browsers to keep up with for the application writers to make the modification worthy.

CRM integration works very well, however I too would like to see a Digium Switchvox click to call application for Grandstream affinity style devices to working in conjunction with Grandstreams UCM (Unified Communication) appliances.