Cisco Switch Setup for Grandstream VoIP Solution



I have a basic background on CUCM and CME and now trying to deploy Grandstream VoIP solution in a Cisco network switches (2960x and 3850). Please, I will like to know if the configuration of the Voice VLAN and DHCP are the same for grandstream on the Cisco switches.

Regards Barrie


Should be. GS phones have CDP.
If you power via PoE remember to turn off power saving or cisco will drop port frequently.


agreed…and power saving is a definite note to not forget!!


thanks! can u direct the IP phones to get their configuration to the UCM6510 using DHCP options132 running on a Cisco Switch/Router? if u can share the commands that will a bonus. this is my first Grandstream project and am very nervous (-:


thanks! where exactly do I turn the power saving off? on the switch or the Endpoint? how do I direct the grandstream phones to the UCM 6510? can I use DHCP options 132 on a DHCP server running in a Cisco switch or Router? this is my first grandstream project and am very nervous. Please Help.


UCM should see phones anyway without need of DHCP unless it is not same broadcast network.
You can also recognize them with zero config Auto discover (latest firmware removed restriction for network so you can scan as much as possible based on Network settings).

Here some guide for deploying:

Cisco sorry no help as i never have this switch. But that i found with customer when we search problem. There should be some manual in cisco for this or maybe @lstutesman know more :slight_smile:


Thank u @Marcin. Do u advise having the UCM statically assigned an IP address from the Voice VLAN IP range or having it on the Data VLAN and enable routing between the data VLAN and the voice VLAN?


Usually yes or at least IP reservation on DHCP.
But Static is way better because even if DHCP is down it still work.
As for VLAN - how you prefer, but better same vlan as you avoid problem with routing between VLANs.
But again this depend if users will access PBX or not (user portal, Gswave in UCM etc).


Thank you for the clarification. I will put the UCM on the Voice VLAN to avoid issues because am new to Grandstream.


I usually have the UCM static in the voice vlan and then have auto voice vlan set up for the phones so they just automatically grab an IP from the voice vlan without having to tag them.

I allow access from the default vlan to the UCM.
I don’t allow access to the rest of the voice vlan unless they want it.


Thank u very much @Istutesman. I will use this same approach then.


I also allow access for the server to be able to reach the entire voice vlan so I can still mess with phones as needed.


Any help on how to turn the power savings off in the Cisco Switch.


You should probably refer to the Cisco manuals for the specifics of your switches and their installed firmware versions. Not all Cisco switches feature the power saving feature and most will have some settings via the CLI that you may wish to invoke in order to “set” facets of the switch more to your liking.
I have include a note for the 2960 from Cisco for reference:


Thanks for you reference and suggestions.