Cisco 7945 with UCM6300


I am trying to configure a Cisco CP 7945G phone to work with the UCM6304. through information from the blog, i managed to download the SIP firmware and successfully uploaded it to the phone. Now comes the Hard part. How to come up with the SEPmac.xml file. Is there anyone who can share one from a working setup so that i can try to change to my config scenario.

Is it only the Sip firmware as well as the Cofig file that need to be uploaded or is there any other file.


if compatible, just manually register the phone with server / user / pswd, as you do with any SIP IP phone
you must ask CIsco Assistance for other information



i am configuring thecico 7945 g phone with grand stream , but names does not appear in the placed calls. what needed to be added for this .


you need more information on what you want to get, also the name of the extension is set on the Voip server


yes the display name is already there on the voip server and we are getting the name and no in missed calls and received calls but not duing dailing and placed calls list .


too little information, try to put some screenshots,
also UCM that fw has?



the firmeware version is Version Information

This is the firmware version and the mdoel is Model

UCM6302A V1.1A

Part Number



I guess you correctly set the name to UCM (you didn’t put the screen),
you must set the correct display directly on the CIsco phone,
on the Cisco forum you can ask if you have any doubts


i am adding this phones in grandstream and updating the phones through tftp server ,in which file i need to chagne the settings


this is a Grandstream forum, not a Cisco one


your problem exists at the phone not the ucm - id suggest you purchase Grandstream handsets and replace the end of life Cisco ones. Reading material in links below.


hi have you found out how to register cisco 7945g to GS UCM63XX series ? i actually did all to upgrading process but the phone is now stop in registering and not going on !!!
plz let me know how to solve it