Chrome Extension to release the lock


Hello to all,
After speaking with Grandstream they did not feel there was a use case to release the lock from the PC or view screen.

We felt other wise :slight_smile:

We have created a small Chrome extension that you can add to chrome that will allow you to right click and release the door lock to allow entry.

Chrome Extension

All feedback welcome…


@Jivetel: Thanks for that.

We used to support that via NPAPI. But due to major browsers like Chrome, Firefox all dropped NPAPI due to security concern, we also don’t support that anymore.

But, you can use GDSManager to view the video and open the door in the view screen.

GDSManager is a free windows based software, can be downloaded from Grandstream website:

Hope this helps. Thank you for your interest to GDS3710.



Correct, the manager is bulky to install on all computers in an office.

Here receptionist can simply add the extension, or even a managed chrome can be done via IT.

Simple small and clean.


Regarding the NPAPI I am really not sure I understand the struggle.

While in the GUI under Door System Settings --> Keep Door Open > Immediate Open Door

While trigger the latch to open for 1 minute, I dont see why the same logic could be applied to a 5 second latch release via a button on the live view page…



I think you understand incorrectly for the webUI Open Door.

Here are some explanations:

  1. NPAPI is for immediately open door while in LIVEVIEW mode, basically user can VIEW the video stream and click “Open Door” button to open door. Due to major browser DROPPED such support for security reason, this feature is NOT available now in WebUI. BUT you can still use our free management software GDSManager, doing SAME operation from computer, which is: Viewing the LIVE video stream and click “open door” button to open door and “Microphone” button to do Intercom or two-way communication.

  2. The UI under “Door System Settings --> Keep Door Open --> Immediate Open Door” is TOTALLY different feature which you understand wrong. You will find details of such feature if your read related document like User Manual or Forum Post. Basically this feature is implemented for customers with usage scene like: Library, School, Government, Gym, Private Club, Restaurant, Seminars, Meetings, etc.

For example:
I) During normal office hour, door was locked. But there are visitors or guests coming in, administrator can get into the UI to FORCE the door open and configure the time length the door stays OPEN status, without get into BASIC Setting page to enable Visitor PIN (because those visitors are ONE TIME visitors).

II) For Schools, Library, etc application scene, employees can use RFID or PIN to get into the door anytime BUT the door will be opened to public (e.g.: school during morning students need to get in but students do NOT have RFID cards) therefore adminstrator can configure “Schedule Open Door” to let the door open based on time schedule configured. For example, office door open in lunch time, or seminar time, or similar application scene. There are quite some scenes like this and I just named a few.

III) Again, like for above case in School, when the Door is OPENED to public, but some emergency happened, the admin and staff can either enter special PIN from keppad or from UI to overwrite the current door status and GDS3710 allows you to do that. For example in School case, when School is open to public but some bad thing happened and LOCK DOWN is required, any staff knowing emergency PIN can lock the door by entering the emergency PIN from GDS3710 keypad (fastest way) or do this from webUI by logging from GDS3710 from computer.

These are the main reason behind to design feature “Keep Door Open”. This is NOT for users to do this in routine base. (routine base should be via GDSManage Utility Software).

Hope I explained this clearly. Thank you for using GDS3710.

Control Latching Relay

Thank you for the in depth reply-

I am not disputing the principal of the two features, I merely mentioning if via GUI in a browser by hitting save the door can be triggered open then I dont see why momentary unlocks are restricted by the lack of NPAPI.

You have a current view page that streams video without NPAPI and the unlock button as well on a programmatically level should have no issue functioning. (and being utilized already by the same GUI)


@Jivetel: Not quite understand: if via GUI in a browser by hitting save the door can be triggered open

Where is the “save” button? You mean change parameter and then click “save” actually door opened? I am confused, could you elaborate a little bit more?

We actually provide HTTP API so users can do 2nd stage development via scripts and control the door opening by sending out HTTP command. The HTTP API can be download from here:

Other resource can also be found at:

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710,


@Jivetel: You can also refer to this forum post regarding the HTTP API usage sample:

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710.


Thank you for the reply-

I think there are some key points being missed here.

  1. I know all about HTTP API - and that is why and how I build this Free extension that utilizes exactly that

  2. “Where is the “save” button? You mean change parameter and then click “save” actually door opened? I am confused, could you elaborate a little bit more?”
    I am not sure the question - If you log into the GUI go to that page and hit save after setting the door to open for the next minute the door will open for the next minute…



Thanks for the explanation.

Now I understand what you mean the “save”. That is under feature “Keep Door Open”. That feature is NOT designed for normal open door like using RFID/PIN, or the button in GDSManager. Normal open door usually the strike will keep open for a few seconds, but keep door open the minimum is 1 minute to keep the door or strike not closed. This feature is designed for customers need such application scene, it is NOT designed for normal open door, although in fact looks similar because the door opened.

The reason we don’t design in LiveView UI a button to click to open door, 1st is the major browser dropped NPAPI for security reason (in NPAPI it is quite easy to implement this), 2nd is some users do not like install extensions or plugins into the browser; 3rd is some users don’t like the idea or open door from browsers because it is too risky (what is the browser running but user for some reason not in front of the computer). That is why we don’t do this. But you are free and welcome to developer your own extensions used in your environment to open the door , or allow other customers to use your extensions. But Grandstream will not get the liability if something happened. Hope you understand this.

Again, thank you very much for using GDS3710 and developing application for the solution.