Choppy and missed calls


I’m having some trouble using a UCM6104. It frequently shows “SIP outgoing call through trunk failure” and “SIP response code: 407 Call Rejected” in the alert log. What does that mean?


I gather this is intermittent. However, I would expect a 407 error when there’s a UID / password mismatch.

Is it possible that it’s a single phone that’s misconfigured? Are all the phones impacted? Can you take a packet capture and attach it here?



Yes, it is intermittent. I also see events for “SIP internal call failure! From user: +(removed), To user: 116, SIP response code: 486 User busy”

Edit: nevermind this message, the user muted their phone.



What codec are you using? Also do you happen to have 2 sip trunks with the same provider registered on your UCM system?


I am uncertain if this post has now been resolved or not The title of the post and the description used to define the problem are not seemingly the same.

In any event, a SIP 407 response is a challenge to the INVITE. When you initiate a call, the phone sends an INVITE to the UCM, the UCM returns a 407 which then causes the phone to resend the INVITE, but this time it includes its credentials so that the UCM knows that the request is from a legitimate source. If the source cannot be authenticated (bad credentials) the response would likely be a 403 (forbidden).