Chat - Instant Message



I’m confused about the Instant Message function. It seems the phones can setup a Chat like function (send messages at least), GS Wave has a chat function, GS Affinity does not have Chat. Is there an application that we’re supposed to use to offer in office chat?


Phone have chat not affinity.
And this is more like SMS then chat.


Thank you Marcin,

As I’m using this, it seems like such an immensely useless function, I’m not sure if I should just ignore it or if, I’m assuming, I’m just missing something.

I can’t see recommending this function to anyone for any reason. So, I assume/hope there is some application out there I’m not familiar with that might make something of this. Or, maybe, this is just a future thing. Something that’s under development.




Well: you call he is busy.
Then sent him message ?

Affinity is way to underdevelopment. It is more like never ending BETA. It has numerous bugs and missing options :frowning:


I agree. It came out. Took a long time to have a forum. Then seems abandoned.

Really too bad as Affinity looked like it could become a real selling point for the Grandstream echo system.