CHANUNAVAIL for all incoming calls for either extensions or Call groups


I upgraded to FortiVoice version 6.4 and have run into a problem.
The Grandstream GXW410X and ForitVoice 100E are connected.
I can make outbound calls without a problem.
I can receive calls, but when dialing an extension or call group the phone will not ring, it goes straight to voicemail.
Here is what the system is telling me.

incoming call matched dialplan:incoming_default on trunk:trunk_Line_9203, caller:“3D” <3525555555>

enter auto attendant:auto_attendant_default

user input:1 through auto attendant:auto_attendant_default

dial local number:500, device:RINGGROUP

call ring group number 500 with caller id: “Candidate Call” <500>

ring all group members, parameter:PJSIP/111/sip:111@

ring group call handling: CHANUNAVAIL

enter voicemail number:111, device:111@system

message left to voicemail account 111@system <111>

call hangup , status:UNAVAILABLE

any idea’s how to fix this problem?