Changing the Wave desktop ringtone


One of our new customers asked me if it is possible to change the default Dekstop Wave ringtone (windows 10). There are multiple users in the same room, each using the Wave client on their windows computers and they are never sure who got the call, since all have the same ringtone.I though to myself “sure o problem, I will check and get back to you”. I just can not get it to change. I did find a forum topic that this can be done by changing the system ringtone, but I can not get it to change. I did find the ControlPanel/Sound/Sounds/Explorer-Incoming call setting. If I play around here the sound stays the same.

How could I change the default Wave ringtone? Am I missing something?


Wouldnt the screen have a screen pop with the Answer button displayed… maybe they need another PC Screen if they didnt have it already, with the phone application running on that screen so they can tell.


Dear user,

Thank you for using the Wave application! The custom ring tone feature for the Wave Desktop application will be implemented on the next Wave Desktop application release. You can use the custom ring tone for different clients in the same room on the next Wave application version. We will announce that release on March. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!