Changing IVR voice prompts for custom situations


The way I would do the custom announcements that are easy to change is:
-Set up the inbound route to directly ring an extension or ring group
-Set the ring timeout to something that’s not too long (e.g. 25sec)
-If there is a weather problem or other delay, go into the voicemail box and turn on the temporary greeting (easy to toggle from the voicemail menu over the phone)
The caller will then hear ringing and if no one answers, it will go to voicemail with the temp. greeting. I think it’s better this way because if there IS a delay, but someone is still able to answer the phone, they can do that without worrying about the phone system’s programmed timings.
This is a more basic, but the most reliable way and you don’t need to worry about training anyone on any tech or worrying that they’ll mess something up. They just have to go into voicemail and set up the temporary greeting.
Another way is to record a custom DND voicemail prompt message (in voicemail menu, press 0 for mailbox options and then 2 to record your busy message). Then, make sure that when someone presses the DND button on the phone, it replies with the ‘busy’ SIP response code, which triggers the busy voicemail greeting (which can be your weather delay). This DND method works only if you have a route directly ring an extension. This way when the weather/delay is over, the employee can just disable DND on their phone.


Hi everyone I have a little challenge on a ucm6202 ivr , I managed to set up the ivr it’s working fine but the client says he wants the call to go straight to the ivr recording not to get any ring how can I do this.


sorry i didn’t understand exactly what you want to get?


And what type of telephone service is in use with the UCM?


The Inbound Route determines where the call goes. Edit your Inbound Route and set the destination to be your IVR.