Changing GWN7062 to GWN7002


I am planning to change GWN7062 to GWN7002. There are 2 WAN connections and GrandStream router is giving the IP throughout the premises.
Is there any way i can retain the Client IP address of old GWN7062 and provide the same IP addresses to GWN7002. Probably a backup which can allow the same IP pool.
Since about 130-140 devices are connected , it is difficult to do a MAC binding.

Kindly suggest a optimum and quicker way to change the router without disturbing any on going with minimum downtime.



You are going to just have to set up the gwn7002 with the same settings, IP range and all. Then switch it out. The current devices on the network will either realize a new router is there and pick up a new IP or just need to be restarted.

If you are switching out a router, you have to expect some downtime. But if you program everything correctly before you switch them out you should not be down long. Switch it out at a time when service is not being used as much.


Internal Settings is a one time thing which is manageable. Issue is most of the devices are on DHCP. And if their IP address changes then different service providers are to be called.
So primarily my query is to how to keep the DHCP devices connected on same IP addresses.


I think MAC binding is the only tool that will help you if you absolutely must preserve current IPs from the current DHCP pool.

Also you may want to consider taking this opportunity to bind MAC addresses to IPs anyway, because without DHCP reservation, all of those devices risk their IPs changing - which you mentioned was a bad thing.