Changing Custom Ringtones (GXP2140 + Cloud Based 3CX)



Using the cloud based version of 3CX it does not seem possible to change the ringtones except for the 3 pre-loaded ringtones that are “packed” in the firmware: Custom Ringtone 1/2/3

Because Ringtone 2 sounds like a spaceship and Ringtone 1 is no good because of the spoken caller ID, we would like to change the sound of those ringtone-files.

Online I find different solutions (converting a .wav-file to a .bin-file using the Grandstream Ringtone Convertor, etc.), but all those solutions are no good, because 3CX keeps pushing its own firmware and provisioning to every GXP2140 we have, so x hours after the new provisioning, 3CX reloads their firmware and basically resets everything, including the setting to disable auto-updates of new firmware…

Any suggestions on how to change it for good?


Option 1: not use the 3CX provisioning

Option 2: put your own ringtones in the Provisioning folder of the instance. (/var/lib/3cxpbx/Instance1/Data/Interface/Http/[instance ID]/firmware/grandstream) and then use a custom template (copy the original tmpl.) and edit it to load the ring4.bin of whatever you called it.