Changing admin password with XML HT802


Perfect, I am looking at the tool as we speak. Hopefully I will have a file as result that works.


Please correct me if I am wrong, but as I see it the configuration tool requires a config template, as well as a csv with parameters in. As my problem seem to be how to format the xml-file, it seems I would have the same problem using the tool. I was hoping for a tool in which you set your settings in a GUI, and then it would genereate a proper XML-file.

I also tried to upload a file in textformat, ie:


Did not work either. I see that there long parametern ames to use with the item-tag. Is there a reference to these somewhere? What are the corresponding long names for P2 and P196? I thought I might try them as well.


this is a user-user forum,
I can only give you advice and help you, nothing more,
for me the .cfg and .xml files work correctly,
I only followed the official Grandstream guides that I indicated to you.
Assistance can be found via Ticket at the link already indicated.


Of course, and I really appreciate your efforts! Really grateful.

At the moment I realised that other settings did not apply either, which they did earlier when only the passwords was rejected.

I will start with this again, with fresh eyes, on monday.

Thank you very much for your assistance!