Change request on WAVE



to make it easier for the end customer to install WAVE (mobile, desktop) it would be advisable to be able to make the following changes directly from the UCM:

  • setting of the date and time display 12/24 hours / DDMMYYYY (preferences are different in Europe)


Dear user,

Thank you for using the Wave application! I will pass your suggestion to our Wave development team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Hi Damiano,

Could you clarify this request? Both UCM and Wave already support those formats. Do you mean that there should be an option for Wave to automatically use the format that is configured on the UCM itself?


on UCM / extension / WAVE / there may be a date and time format option to set it automatically when the Client activates WAVE.
For an “American” user today it is simple because he doesn’t have to do anything, the date and time format is already correct, instead for a “European” customer he must enter the WAVE options and set the date and time format.
It’s not a serious shortcoming but I’m sure the end user would appreciate not having to do this, but if they find it set to default.

It would also be nice to be able to activate/deactivate call waiting on WAVE
(below the screen of an example of Yeastar APP management)


Hi Damiano,

Thanks for your feedback! For the call waiting feature, you can click the avatar on the Wave app -> Account Settings -> Basic Information -> Extensions -> Features -> Other Settings -> then, you can disable “Call Waiting” by unchecking the option.

For the time format feature request, I think you meant you want to add an option on the Wave app:
After clicking that option, the Wave app will sync the time format setting which has been configured in relevant UCM63xx. I have reported this feature request to our dev team today, and our Wave develop team will collect more feedback from other users and consider this suggestion in the future release. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


for the date and time format you are very kind, as always :slight_smile:

as regards the “Call Waiting” option, I know the setting of your screen, but since it concerns the extension in general, since the user could also have IP/WAVE phone etc. on the same extension… it will affect everything .
Then I thought correctly that the customer either wants call waiting on “all endpoints” or doesn’t want call waiting on “all endpoints”, so the solution you proposed is actually correct.
Thank you



Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! Your suggestion is reasonable. This setting will set all clients which using this extension to the same. I will pass your suggestion to our Wave app development team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!